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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

More power to you!


You want to change your company? That only works when people can see you, hear you, understand you – and are willing to follow your lead. In my single and group coaching, I help you to define strategy master presentations gain expert status as a thought leader communicate your goals and projects untangle complex situations deal with objections and resistance engage and motivate people implement real change You will learn to use all available forms and channels of communication, whether written or graphic, live or on video. I’ll guide you and your team on the most efficient and easiest path to your objectives.


Mentoring means one thing: Unhindered and unfiltered access to all my knowledge. Ask any question and I will answer it as good as I can – with a lifetime of experience. Doesn’t that sound pretty helpful? Mentoring is available for employees in organizations who want to fast-track their career. For business leaders who want an expert by their side, unseen but always available. And for self-employed consultants, speakers, trainers and coaches. Been there, done that, failed and learned a lot.

Time to become better!

Improve your performance, get rid of obstacles in your path (or in your mind) and speed up your professional and personal development. Do you want a trusted advisor by your side?

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