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Success when things get complicated

Transformation is a highly complex matter. It’s not only about technology, it’s about business, organization, processes, your customers and most of all: about people. And each company faces its own set of challenges. That’s why “Best Practices” will not get you far. But where other consultants reach their limits, things start to become interesting. That’s where my pragmatic (and a bit unusual) approach can really make a difference.

Can we do consulting online?

Yes, of course we can! And it works surprisingly well. The way we work is changing – and in working with me, you will get used to executive-level online collaboration and learn how to adapt and shape your own “new normal”.

It’s fun, it works –and it allows you to lead by example.

How digitization helps us to become better.
Hermes board member Dirk Rahn and Ömer Atiker in conversation.

Transformation in Action

Usually, you’d now get an overview of the methods and tools that we use. Instead, I would like to introduce you to some of the questions that we have answered in our projects.
Innovation: New products for new markets
A medium-sized company (4,500 employees) had two goals:

Expand the portfolio into new markets
Use this project to set up a structured innovations process
So we did! We analyzed the existing markets, got new insights from both new experts and from start-ups and conducted in-depth interviews with customers at home and abroad (as far away as Japan).

We identified needs and expectations, developed literally hundreds of ideas and made them tangible in concepts and prototypes. We validated and improved them until five concrete products were pitched to the board.

Improve Your Processes: Digital with Speed
An industrial company (10,000 employees) had founded its new digital department, which was growing rapidly and successfully. But the typical corporate processes in purchasing paralyzed the department, slowed down projects, drove employees to despair and quite a few even to leave the company.

Together with all stakeholders and interested parties, we developed a new Agile Procurement Framework that got accepted by all stakeholders, which significantly improved both speed and employee morale. In its simplicity, it has become the envy of other departments – which are now inspired to re-evaluate their purchasing processes, too.

The Future of Sales
Industry again, a world market leader with almost 20,000 people. This time a question from sales: What will the world look like in ten years, what will a 28-year-old buyer think and expect from our sales team in 2028? And what will our sales department have to do and be able to do by then?

Answers range from “The Buyer of the Future” scenarios (where we extrapolate the development of social selling) to new ways to identify and satisfy demand. And it’s not just consulting, we’re developing the company’s skills at the same time. This results in real, tangible transformation without all the hassle of a large-scale change initiative.

Why choose me?

Well, who else is there? In the intersection of technology, business and people, you will not find many people who are equally well versed in all three areas. Who have not only managed many projects, but have been working digital for a very long time, who have written a few books on the subject and are entrepreneurs themselves.
I admit, my customers find me a bit unorthodox. But projects are always described as very pleasant and surprisingly efficient. Fewer meetings, less paperwork, more pragmatism and real, usable solutions to complex problems.

Maybe it is because I am aware that technical and economic success depends on interpersonal relationships. That an existing company cannot be revolutionized overnight – nor should it be “disrupted”.

Change projects are truly joint efforts. Looking out for the fastest, easiest and simplest solution can become a sport. And learning valuable skills is part of the project, so you are able to do it again in the future. This way, transformation is fun – and successful.

Drei Seiten der digitalen Transformation
These are the three major drivers in any company. Most companies are good in one, sometimes wo areas. But to be successful in digital transformation, you need to manage all three areas. Success is found in the balance, the center of things.

What are your challenges?

Is it the inertia of your colleagues or silo thinking and “not my job”? Is it rigid processes and structures or the fear of the unknown? Let us have a short conversation and find out how we can tackle your concerns together.

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