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Ömer Atiker

International Keynote Speaker
Expert on Digital Transformation

Transform Your Company!

In our ever-changing world, all companies need to change and adapt.
Let me show you how world-class companies do exactly that.

Learn from what I have learned in almost 30 years on the front of digital technology.

Interactive keynote speeches, workshops for your leadership teams, highly engaging online courses for your employees and bespoke projects from a trusted advisor: You can get it all here.

You want to transform your existing company and make it future-ready?
I can show you how.

What is your challenge?

International Keynote Speaker

High-energy keynotes inspiring both customers and employees.
For 30 or 3,000 participants.

Transformation has never been such fun!

▶ Keynote Digital Transformation

Consulting & Projects

Call me, when things get difficult or too complex. We will find pragmatic, often unusual solutions for your transformation journey.

Transformation does not have to be hard!

▶ More about your transformation project

Online Courses

Take your team and colleagues with you. My video courses are fun, smart and easy to follow. Learn online, in your own pace at Haufe and at Elevate.

▶ Watch preview videos

Life Coaching

What will you do with the rest of your life?
More meaning, more clarity and more joy are doable.

▶ Find More Meaning in Life

Exactly the right message at the right time. As an international enterprise, we need this kind of external input.

Rolf Thomke
Regional eCommerce Manager Europe, Singapore Airlines

Perfect start to our strategy day!

Christoph Merle
Head of M-Industrie eXcellence Team, Migros

Entertaining and inspiring! Your keynote was a major success factor in our event “100 Years of Mitsubishi”.

Helmut Dupp
CEO, Mitsubishi Motors Germany

Your input and inspiration were a real help in our transition to a new digital marketing platform.


About Ömer Atiker

One part nerd (did his A-levels in physics and math), one part entertainer, and all international. Grew up with the first PCs, the internet and mobile technology. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of one of the very first internet agencies (1996 in the Netherlands). Now established international expert on digital transformation. Still, I care most about the human side of things. How does technological change affect our lives, our businesses? Let us use digital change to become better at what we do.

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