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Go Digital – With Digital Learning Experiences!

Learn more about the ins and outs of digital transformation. Get all the knowledge you need in handy, easy to use video lessons. Learn what you want, when you want and always where you are.

All courses are available as single courses, in bundles and in corporate packages. Want to improve performance and understanding in your whole corporation?

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Courses on Elevate

International courses are hosted on, a new premier course platform based in the UK.

Digital Transformation Fundamentals

Get started with digital transformation. Master the basics, learn how to transform your business, change your mindset and make your company future-ready. Get started with my Masterclass in Digital Transformation!

Get started with digital transformation fundamentals

Robotic Process Automation

Embrace RPA and the benefits it can have for your business. Explore the different ways RPA can enable you and your staff to focus on new and dynamic tasks while increasing efficiency and reliability.

Get your perfect digital processes!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI: Everybody talks about it – but what is it, how does it work and what can it do for us?
What is it all about with machine learning, deep fakes, voice recognition and other technical wonders?

Introduction to Artifical Intelligence!

Working From Home

Your not-so-new ‘home office’ can feel lonely and disorganised. With a few simple tips, you can feel way more productive and take care of your mental health in these crazy times.
Get the light-hearted and inspiring Survival Guide to Working From Home!

Get your Survival Guide to Working From Home

Smart Thinking

Do you prefer to think for yourself? Then get smart about it!
We are supposed to be knowledge workers, yet few of us have ever been taught how to think. Dissect the thinking process master the techniques to think better, easier and with less distraction.

Think smarter with the Smart Thinking Fundamentals!

Courses on the Haufe eAcademy

Haufe is Germany’s largest provider of corporate trainings and courses, supplying large corpoartes as well as sSME with dirct access to knowledge and skills.
For their new flagship product, the eAcademy, we have developed three interactive courses:

The main course Digital Company is already available in both English and German.
Departure (covering fundamentals) and the Toolbox (on innovation) are available in German, the English version is in development. Please get in touch for availability.

Get Your Own Custom-made Courses!

Do you like what you see, but need to cover additional topics?
Or you prefer tailored content, developed specifically for your company?

We got you covered! From learning concepts to content production, we cover all steps of the development process, working hand in hand with your L&D Department.

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