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Workshop Strategy and Digital Transformation

How you and your team get ahead

Few things are as rewarding, as productive, as a day set aside to work in a focused and undisturbed way. Workshops with me are just that: well-prepared, focused work. Uncomfortable and exhausting, but also fun and very enlightening.

No rigid pattern, but “brilliance in the moment”. Following the issues to their causes, to the why behind them. Finding answers to which you didn’t even know the question before. The satisfying feeling of finally having drilled a thick board. To come back to the desk inspired and with more clarity.

Your topics in the workshops

The topics are as individual as the companies looking for answers.
A few examples:


  • A consulting company (pharmaceutical) is looking for a new, common positioning after a merger. It was very important to share and align the expectations of the managing directors and the division managers.
  • An international airline wants to bring top management from several countries to a common understanding of strategy and processes.
  • A chemical company is working out the basics of digital strategy in the boardroom.
  • An industrial company wants to inquire about and address the fears and expectations of its workforce (1,700 employees).
  • An IT organization (around 1,000 MA) needs a vision of the future and is looking for a common strategy for the group.
  • The food factories of a conglomerate are looking for the 100 digital pioneers out of 10,000 employees in order to specifically tackle a number of upcoming issues around digitalization with them.
Drei Blickwinkel auf Ihr Unternehmen

In small groups or as an entire event

Sometimes it’s just a handful of board members, sometimes it is the management or the sales team, sometimes it’s a diverse group of 100 employees. It is exciting to see how much more can be achieved if a workshop or strategy day is

  • clerverly prepared,
  • and tightly structured, and when you let the participants
  • and really let the participants work.

Of course I give the whole thing structure and content, that’s what I’m there for. But the most important thing is the work with each other, the interaction between you and the other participants. That’s where I’m primarily a moderator and facilitator, with only occasional input.

And if you’ve ever seen a top executive tie on a tablecloth to save the world and the company as a superhero, then you know that workshops can be fun. When we’re cheerful, our brains work better, which is why the environment is so important to the outcome.

Request a Workshop

What issues does your team want to address? Let’s discuss what moves you, and we’ll be sure to find a form that’s just right for you.

One-on-One Coaching

Benefit from my experience in a one-on-one coaching or mentoring program.

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