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Books for the Digital Transformation

Since 2017, I have published a new book every year, all of them on digital transformation. What they all have in common is their relaxed, easily understandable style. A lot of knowledge, clever content and easy to read. All books were published by very reputable commercial publishers, which I am quite proud of.

Ömer Atiker: The Digital Transformation Handbook (eBook cover)

Ömer Atiker

The Digital Transformation Handbook

My first English book is called The Smart Starters Guide to Transforming Your Company. And rightfully so!

It’s a compact eBook, in an easy to digest format and only 44 pages long.
And yet we cover the four pillars of successful transformation:

  • New Thinking
  • True Customer Centricity
  • Profitable Innovation
  • Organization & Culture for the Digital Age.

So if you want to get up and running on Digital Transformation fast, this is your shortcut!

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These Books Cover It All!

My first four books were written in German.

The very first one, “One Year to Digital”, describes the basics of digitization and is a great overview for beginners. The second one, “Survival Handbook Digital Transformation”, shows how to implement the transformation in your company, on all fronts and up to changing the organizational structure. In my third book, the “30 Minutes Digital Innovation”, I deal with the practice of digital innovation in a short format.

“Smart Transformation Hacks” was published in June 2020. While earlier books addressed the needs of the organization, this one is about personal empowerment.

It’s my most personal book so far and describes how you, as a manager, director or team leader, can get finally things moving. It collected more than 140 smart hacks on how to work smarter, think better, how to convince people and improve your personal brand.

International Versions

All books have been published in German. If you are interested in content in English or other languages, please consider the following options:

  • All books can be translated and made available in the language of your choice at cost. How would you like a special company-branded edition of it, just for you? We would even include a personalized foreword
  • A number of my online courses cover and add to this content. Please see Online Courses on Digital Transformation for more details.
  • The upcoming Guide to Digital Transformation will be published in English in 2021.

Please let me know if you need any other form of content.
Usually, I am able to supply this in short order.

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